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Management Consulting Services

Strategic Consulting

We live in an era of constant change, disruption, and advancement. As the technology industry advances, aligning people and businesses with technological advancements could become overwhelming and expensive if not done right. You realize the importance of efficiencies in business operations, and we are here to help you achieve exactly that through strategic consulting. Be it value alignment, procurement or investments, our strategic consultants assist you every step to normalize roadblocks and improve decision making to achieve the business outcomes you desire.

Rescue Missions

Rescue Missions

You heavily invest in IT initiatives and want to see them through to realize business benefits. Midway through execution, you realize the risks outweigh benefits and are now struggling to bring them to fruition. You need help identifying and mitigating roadblocks, bringing the teams back together and to keep your investment alive and take them to completion. Our management consultants specialize in strategic and tactical mitigative solutions to help you revive failing projects and keep them on track to help you realize returns on your investment.

Organizational Change Management

Organizational Change Management

You are expanding or downsizing your business and need effective change management plans to deal with change impacts on people, systems, and processes. Our change management consultants are change influencers who promote awareness, foster communications, formalize learning, facilitate transition, and implement sustainment strategies and plans for your organization.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies

You have a vision, an idea, or a strategy but you need help validating the idea, evaluate risks and impacts, estimate returns before making investments. Your budget is minimal to engage a big 4 consulting firm and you wondering how to proceed. Our management consultants are experts who can review strategies, provide expert advice, recommendations, and implementation strategies to set your ideas into motion without making huge investments upfront.

Procurement Services

Procurement Services

You are expanding your business and are looking to bring on experts from the marketplace. You decide to put out tenders and callouts, but your previous experience resulted in low turnouts, low quality resources who weren’t right for your business. You need help. Our management consultants help you structure robust strategies for procurement processes to attract the best resources from the market, standardize evaluation criteria to standardize scoring, eliminate disparity and conflicts, adopt right strategies to evaluate vendor track record and reference checks before bringing them into your organization.

Program Portfolio Services

Program / Portfolio Services

You are a mid to large enterprise with a number of IT initiatives planned to enable business strategies. You need a effective way to track initiatives and their progress to measure actuals, variances and evaluate risks, benefits and options. You are looking to develop product market fit and product solution roadmaps to prioritize investments and resource allocation on the right initiatives that give you a competitive edge in the market. Our management consultants help you effectively articulate risks, issues and alternative solutions to enhance your business proposals and plan product releases that meet customer demands and fulfill your promises to them.

Service Management

Service Management

You are a growing enterprise with a mid to large IT department. You are looking to standardize service delivery and services management. Your processes have been standardized yet, your People won’t adopt them, your systems have been rolled out for some time, yet the adoption rates aren’t as high as you expect, your portfolio has several initiatives and there are gaps in transition. You aren’t sure how to measure service performance and need help. Our management consultants help you standardize, formalize, and normalize systems, processes, governance, and measurement mechanisms to evaluate services delivery, transition, performance, and sustainment in your organization.

Transition & Sustainment Services

You get our expert consultants help you design and develop standards, policies, guidelines, operating procedures, and curriculums to effectively transition services, govern services and foster knowledge management and sharing within your organization

General Consulting Services

You get access to our pool of experienced consultants and a wide variety of services that can be customized to suit your business context and needs. Contact us to learn more about our generic consulting services today

Process Consulting Services

You get our expert consultants to help you evaluate process performance, identify gaps in existing processes, design value processes, identify redundancies and inefficiencies in controls and governance.

IT Project Consulting

We understand that each project is unique, and the outcome of a project is crucial to your organization achieving its business goals. We strive to eliminate risks so you can deliver projects as planned to realize business benefits in time. Our flexible skill-driven, outcome-driven, and resource-driven delivery support for projects ensures skilled consultants are available to you to give your peace of mind and handle to project delivery for you. Our project offerings include:

Project Management

Business Analysis

Quality Assurance

Solution Design and Architecture

Organizational Change Management

Our Pricing Model

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Fixed TERM

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Service Based Pricing
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Client Specific
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