Remember the days when we used to go to school for our lectures?

We know it sounds strange but today kids won’t even believe this. Because they have the privilege to learn anywhere and anytime.

According to a survey, In 2020, 98% of universities moved classes online.

Thanks to the technology that is transforming the education systems globally. For example- remote lectures conducted by professors during the initial stages of the pandemic.

Adopting these measures helped move the economy slowly & rapidly.

Here we discuss how Technology is making the lives of students, parents, and learning institutes easier than ever.

  • Boosts Creativity & Decision Making: Having smart tech installed at learning institutes boosts the creativity & thinking capabilities of students. By learning from real-life scenarios, students understand the concepts quickly which makes them more efficient.
  • Easy Access to Recordings: With such innovations, students can easily access the recordings of the classroom anytime. This helps in clearing doubts & misunderstandings that they couldn’t ask during the live session.
  • Saves Education Expenditure: Since each & every home has a smart device, it makes it easy for parents to save education costs on uniforms, meal boxes, and textbooks. Hence, increasing their household purchasing power.
  • Flexibility: Students can learn from any part of the world at any time of the day. We have witnessed this during the pandemic when students were able to attend classes & exams from their home countries while enrolling in institutes of foreign countries.
  • Reduces Operational Costs: All you need is a smart device, some good lighting, a board, and a marker to conduct online classes. This has helped in reducing the operational costs for schools & colleges. They don’t need to pay heavy prices for utilities anymore.
  • Preparing Today for the Future: The hybrid learning model is not going anywhere soon. Even organizations are providing hybrid and remote working to their employees. Similarly, with e-learning, technology is preparing students for their future working culture. This would help in minimizing the working shock and facilitate concentration levels.


Technology has positively transformed the education sector. By helping students to learn remotely to save finances for parents & learning institutes. With the introduction of AI & VR, the future seems to be bright for students.

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