Gone are the days when it used to take weeks for you to receive your online order. Now technology has advanced to a level where you can receive your order within a couple of hours or even in one hour.

Thanks to the innovative technologies that are making the lives of the customers easier.

Moreover, boosting business productivity in the supply chain while minimizing errors, operating costs, and improving customer loyalty. Let’s take a look at such innovations:

Global Positioning System (GPS)

We all are familiar with GPS technology. It plays a key role for the drivers in delivering the package to the right address using the shortest route possible. This enhanced accuracy feature of GPS technology improves customer satisfaction rate as people can monitor & track their packages without putting much effort.

Automations & Artificial Intelligence

Big organizations like Amazon, or Nuro use AI & Automated trucks, and robots to move products from one place to another without the need for a driver. This helps in cutting operating costs and eliminating human errors. However, it still needs human interaction to monitor their work.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is helping the supply chain by reducing costs, improving the real-time tracking of shipments, and avoiding unnecessary delays. Trackers/Sensors are installed on the vehicles like trains, ships, or trucks to gain insights about any upcoming risks. For example- RFID Technology.

Shipment Tracking Systems

Earlier, when customers used to order online, they were given the estimated delivery date without any extra details. This kept them in the dark and puzzled. But new technologies have made the customers a priority. By the time they checkout after placing an order, they get the whole picture of when & where their product is. Push notifications from companies keep the clients up to date and make the customer journey more accurate, reliable, and easy.

3D Printing

3D Printing may be another innovation that would transform the logistics and shipping industries. Especially for the small/minor products. It may increase efficiency as well as minimize costs for an organization.


Technologies play a vital role in supply chain organizations. From prioritizing customers to saving businesses time & money, it has truly revolutionized the working & delivering model. It would be exciting to see what next big thing is waiting for us in the future.

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