Innovations in technology have made the lives of customers as well as business owners more reliable, accurate, and efficient.

Today, businesses can demonstrate their products from the office to their customers sitting at home. Virtual & Augmented Reality has provided a platform by which one can live real-life scenarios without stepping outside their home.

In a study, It is estimated that the global AR & VR market is expected to grow to $209.2 billion by 2022.

Let’s look at how VR & AR are revolutionizing various businesses to provide better customer experience and services.

  • Healthcare: With AR, healthcare specialists can use smart eyeglasses that help them in performing surgeries and focus on the task at hand. Similarly, VR enables body organ mapping, medical imaging processing, and a replica of a patient’s physical description for a better understanding of the symptoms.
  • Education: AR and VR are being used by organizations to provide safety training by replicating live emergencies. Educational institutes use such innovations to improve classroom learning and improve student outcomes. Since many students struggle to learn and memorize concepts, AR & VR make it easy by making them learn using real-life examples.
  • E-Commerce: Online shopping has become a trend nowadays. People can buy products anytime anywhere. With the help of AR, customers can view their products in a highly realistic manner. For example- people can try lenses and specs using AR & VR and can choose the suitable design without going physically to the store.
  • Tourism: AR can help tourists and guides in improving communication by translating signs and boards. Whereas using VR, people can explore places before planning a vacation. This can enhance their knowledge and experience about a specific destination.
  • Manufacturing Industries: Such technologies can improve the efficiency of the manufacturing industries by saving them costs, time, and threats. VR can help engineers to understand, test, and validate new products efficiently. This would increase revenue and profits for the industries.


With multiple positive benefits in multiple businesses, AR and VR would make the business processes and customer experience more efficient and reliable.

Many companies have already started using these technologies to maintain an upper hand over their competitors in the market.

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