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We mainly work with mid to large organizations with an annual turn over of USD $2 Million and above. However, the pandemic has created a necessity for all businesses, Small, Medium and Large to have a strong foothold in the digital platform. We have been working with Small businesses to systemize operations and standardize business processes that enables them to scale in the post pandemic world online.

Inthera adopts a 5 step value consulting model to facilitate faster engagement, scoping and delivery of services. We customize and bundle services to offer best rates to Clients based on the outcomes they desire to achieve. Contact us to learn more.

Yes, we provide various “Audits and Assessments” as a consulting a value added service to Clients as needed. Our audits include business continuity, risk management, process and service delivery

Inthera adopts a partnership delivery / distributed workforce model which comprises of 80% professional consultants and strategic Partners from the world market and 20% in house resources based in Canada.

Our SAAS platforms are easily accessible by our Consultants via secured access and robust authentication protocols. All data we use to deliver services to our Clients are maintained within Canada and are compliant with HIPPA