Do you know why most businesses fail?

Most businesses fail despite having all the resources, manpower, and connections because they didn’t pay attention to their IT.

IT is not just installing expensive anti-virus, fiber optical, or using PCs with the latest windows software.

It’s about taking the right measures that can help in the smooth functioning of the organization like risk troubleshooting, safety protocols, threats monitoring, organization change management, and much more.

In this article, we discuss the challenges businesses are facing in 2022 that have stuck them in the same slab of growth.

  • Using Outdated Technologies

Most businesses still rely on outdated and insecure technologies to operate their functioning. Small to mid enterprises face a lot of difficulties to install new software and hardware because of their limited budget & resources.

It is advised to consult an experienced IT consultant that would help you to integrate the new technology while cutting any unnecessary expenditure using their management skills.

  • Cost-related Issues

Today, the world is full of average consultants that provide average solutions yielding below-average results. If the integration is poor, it would increase the unwanted cost for an organization. Sometimes the root cause is different and the work done to band-aid it is different.

For example- Keeping a check on the expiry dates of software/hardware & updating them timely would eliminate any risk of potential cyber threats saving a lot of your hard-earned money.

  • Security Concerns

According to a study on cyberattacks, Canada is the fourth-highest hit country. Hackers use every opportunity to get into a business operating system to get access to all the sensitive and essential info.

Imagine losing all the important data of your organization that you built from scratch. This would not only cost you a couple of hundred thousand in monetary value but will affect your business reputation too.

If you want to read how to eliminate the cybersecurity mistakes caused by time, human errors, and a lack of management involvement, click here.

  • Not updating the organization’s Policies Timely

Human error occurs because of a lack of management policies, guidelines, and sometimes intentionally. This sums up to more threats and losses. Old policies might fail to comply with the new rules, regulations, and legislation.  Employees might keep practicing the same irrelevant practices resulting in duplication of efforts, wastage, and unnecessary addition of budget.

  • Deploying Inexperienced IT Consultants

One of the common mistakes made by organizations is to deploy an inexperienced IT consultant to complete their IT work. They lack a service-oriented mindset because of their limited skill set and knowledge resulting in repeating the same cycle of mistakes.


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