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We adopt a high performance value delivery culture that is built on "Loyalty", "Harmony" and "Results" in order to help Clients achieve their desired outcomes.

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We understand that the recent times have been difficult and challenging in various aspects of life. As the global economy shifts from Job based to a skill based market, it is imperative that develop the Skills needed to sustain in a an uncertain marketplace!

Contact us to learn about our employment programs that are specifically designed to help you develop cutting edge skills! You are able to collaborate with our Consultants in learning new skills and gain real time experiences by enrolling in our apprenticeship programs and become ready to offer consulting services to Clients worldwide.


Independent Consultants

Inthera Consulting Inc is looking for several reliable, trustworthy, and results oriented Independent Consultants to provide leadership and support in planning, design, development, and implementation of IT services for its Clients.

Project Manager

We are seeking experienced Project Managers to employ their knowledge, skills and techniques to execute change initiatives effectively and efficiently.  Project Manager is a strategic competency for us and we excel at managing projects and programs to help our customers achieve their business goals.

Solution Architect

Inthera Consulting Inc is seeking a solution architect resource with a broad based background of technical experience to be part of the Solutions & Architecture team to provide Information Technology (IT) solutions to business problems. These solutions may include systems, applications, infrastructure or processes, and may involve the enterprise and integration of a wide variety of products, services and technologies.

Data Architect

We are seeking a Data Architect to contribute, mature, and maintain Data and Analytics strategy and foundational activities. This position will play a critical role in Data Quality practice, development of Data Standards, Data Models, and other Data Architecture deliverables as required.

IT Analysts

Inthera Consulting Inc is looking for experienced IT Analysts to employ their knowledge, skills and techniques to execute change initiatives effectively and efficiently. Your experience in the analysis and interpretation of data will be beneficial to help our customers achieve their business goals.

IT Help Desk

We are hiring IT Help Desk’s who will be responsible for all IT related queries at the user level, responding to user needs on time and ensuring the optimal running of all systems, among other technical duties. This is an excellent opportunity for the right individual to join an established organization that has experienced significant growth.

Business Analysts

We are looking for Business Analysts with a minimum of 5 years’ experience to collaborate with stakeholders to understand their structure, policies, and procedures to assist in achieving their goals. The potential facets of the role include collecting business requirements, defining business processes, conducting information system integration, participation in implementation and post-implementation support.

Organizational Change Managers

We are looking for experienced Organizational Change Managers to use their knowledge, skills and strategies concentrating on the human side of change to help our clients through big or small transformation techniques. Change Management is a growing practice area for our association, and your focus and confidence for positive individual practice are crucial to success.

Developers / Programmers / Analysts

We are looking for developers/programmers / Analysts to plan, architect, develop, integrate, test, and document software applications. Critical responsibilities for a Web Developer may include Understanding UI, cross-browser compatibility, Operating web applications and programming languages, Meeting with clients or management to discuss the design plan and needs of the website, Writing code for the website.

Digital Marketer

We are looking for a highly motivated and innovative digital marketer with solid experience and a passion for digital marketing. Someone with proven expertise in developing and implementing marketing programs for all online media, including strategic planning, email marketing campaigns, website design, paid advertising campaigns, social media, SEO, content marketing and many more.

Web Developer

We’re seeking a talented web developer responsible for building and designing our company’s websites. You’ll be developing, creating, managing, and improving our web pages. To achieve this role, you will require proficiency in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and solid understanding and experience in programming applications.

SEO Expert

We are hiring SEO for our company to develop SEO techniques to improve website rankings. The job duties include: Researching SEO keywords. Keeping track of daily performance indicators, Managing SEO strategy, Creating engaging and high-quality website content, such as blogs and page description.

Video Editor

A Video Editor, also known as a Video Production Editor, is in charge of evaluating audio and visual material and collecting parts using computer software. Breaking or combining video segments, adding suitable sounds or graphics, and checking the finished video for errors before sending it for review are all part of their responsibilities.

Content Creator

Inthera is looking for a passionate and creative storyteller that can effectively distribute content across multiple platforms and media. This individual appreciates learning about projects and efforts and their beginnings, difficulties, and achievements and knows how to summarize material into the most important and exciting topics.

Business Development Manager / Executive

Research and identify new business opportunities, such as new markets, development areas, directions, clients, associations, products and services, or unique methods to access current needs. Develop connections with clients. Understand clients’ needs and answer effectively with a plan to complete the requirements.

Sales Associate

Inthera Consulting is looking for Sales Associate. Critical and analytical thinking is required to provide rational responses to clients’ questions. Empathy is required to comprehend the demands of clients. Understanding of fundamental mathematics to measure products, produce invoices, and analyze sales data Knowledge of digital technology and current trends in the consumer goods sector. Management, financial, and business experience Experience is required.