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About Inthera

Inthera Consulting Inc. is a Canada based IT Consulting Services company headquartered in Saskatchewan. Established in 2013, it has made an impact in helping Clients achieve desired outcomes in their IT. Inthera Consulting has worked with several mid to large organizations including public and provincial government organizations to facilitate various initiatives to implement strategic and tactical solutions for them. It takes pride in bringing together, like minded professional consultants who are looking to make a difference in IT for various clients they serve.

A passion to make a difference in IT enabled a group of like minded, multi-skilled, independent consultants to join forces in 2013. This passion grew a bigger, bolder mission to make a difference in IT that benefits the global economy. A mission such as this requires an army of professional consultants. Today, this mission is driving Inthera Consulting attract several multi-skilled Consultants from across the world, making IT reliable for business sustainability and growth for Clients globally.

Our Mission

To holistically elevate IT performance for Business sustainability, profitability, and growth

Our Culture

We adopt a high performance value delivery culture that is built on "Loyalty", "Harmony" and "Results" in order to help Clients achieve their desired outcomes.
Your IT Consulting Expert, Coach & Mentor

Meet Sabrish Chandrakanth

Sabrish is the pioneer and the visionary behind Inthera Consulting. He is also the founder of International Institute of IT & Consulting Ltd (IIITC).

He is a professional IT Consulting Expert, Coach, and an Influencer. With over 20+ years in the IT Industry he brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom in helping several Medium, Large Businesses and Corporations across the world. He takes pride in developing innovative ways to handle IT problems and enabling Businesses achieve desired outcomes. He is on a mission to elevate Individuals globally by providing them with mindset, skills and competencies so they are able to meet the demand for Professional Consultants in the Digital Age.

Sabrish Chandrakanth

Our Core Values

We are a group of high performance professional Consultants on a mission to holistically transform IT for Business growth and profitability for Clients globally. A winning team such as ours is a result of a winning Team Culture. It is the invisible force that keeps our organization together. At the center of our winning Team Culture are our 4 Core Values which form our beliefs, ideals and practices for everything we do at Inthera.



We are professional in everything we do. We Think, Speak and Act with purpose


We take complete accountability for our actions. Even if we make a mistake, we will take complete accountability to make it right by doing the right things
Client Obsession

Client Obsession

Our Clients are why we are in business. We must keep in mind that everything we do impacts them in one way or the other


Relationships built on trust are stronger than walls built on concrete. Our culture is open, transparent, fun, learning and growth-focused. We are here as a team and we look after each other’s success.

What We Do

Strategic Consulting Services
  • Business Objectives / Value Alignment
  • Project Investment
  • Planning & Prioritization
  • Benefits Design and Development
  • Enterprise Procurement of IT Services
  • Enterprise Architecture
Project Consulting Services
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Quality Assurance
  • Solution Design & Architecture
  • Change Management
Process Consulting Services
  • Business Process Re-engineering & automation
  • Standards, Compliance & Audits
Transition & Sustainment Services
  • Transition to Operations
  • Roadmap & Sustainment Planning
  • Organizational Change Management
  • IT Governance
  • Enterprise Service Management
  • Support & Maintenance Contracts
Value Added Consulting
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Business Case
  • Enterprise Training / Coaching
  • Assessments & Audit
  • Mergers & Acquisition Management for IT
  • Pro Bono Consulting for non-profit
Inthera's Value Consulting Model

Our 5E Engagement Model

Our value consulting model provides flexibility to customize and choose from a wide array of services that ensures reliability, predictability, and coverage to help through IT problems while creating value every step in the way.






Our Team Structure

Inthera Consulting Inc adopts distributed workforce to serve clients. Our Core team members are consultants who work on support functions such as Sales, Marketing etc. and our Extended team member are experienced professional consultants who are on a mission to serve clients globally.

Clients We Worked With

Industries We Serve

  • Government, Ministries & Public
  • Education
  • Banking & Finance
  • Telecom
  • Human Resources
  • Retail
  • ECommerce
  • Agriculture
  • Procurement & Supply Chain
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Liquor & Gaming
  • Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Oil & Gas
  • Non – Profit

Our Education Partners

The International Institute of IT & Consulting Ltd (IIITC) is the Ivy League of Online IT Institutions for IT Consultants globally. IIITC takes pride in transforming the global workforce into independent problem solvers for Clients all around the world.

IIITC is Founded by Master Consultant, Sabrish Chandrakanth who  is on a mission to educate, empower and elevate the status of individuals by training and coaching them with mastery IT skills and competencies suitable for the Digital Era.

Business Analysis School

The Business Analysis School is an EdTech learning academy helping non-tech professionals pivot into the tech industry through Business Analysis, Product & Project Management.

The Business Analysis School was founded by Eno Eka, an award-winning Career Coach and Speaker who has been recognized for helping 20K+ professionals around the world to kickstart their careers in IT. Eno is on a mission to help transform lives of many who learn from her.

Our Consulting Partner

Eny Consulting

Eny Consulting Inc is a full – service digital consulting company providing technology & business consulting and advisory services.

They bring a team of consultants with expertise in all areas of IT and Business. They help you leverage people, process and technology to increase your revenue and achieve your business goals.

Their expertise cuts across Business Process Management, Project Management, IT Service Management, Digital Marketing, Software Development, Human Resource Management and Management Consulting.